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About Me

The Short Version

I am a Junior Developer at the Mississippi Coding Academies. I was born in Natchez, MS but lived most of my life in Cedar Rapids, IA Where I graduated at Metro High School in the year 2014. So far at the Mississippi Coding Academies, we've went over Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Things I Am Proud Of

My Latest

A Javascript focused project

A fully functioning ATM with features that include creating a account, logging in with the correct card number and pin code, and even keeps track of all deposits and withdrawls made from account.

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Javascript Projects

A series of my Javascript Projects

Includes My Text Based Game where you are a transported to a mysterious world and must fight bosses in order to return to your home world and The classic battleship game.

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HTML/CSS Projects

A series of my HTML/CSS Projects

My goal on these Webpages were to use Bootstrap to replicate a professional website as well as make the page responsive for all screen sizes.

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Get in Touch

  • Byram, MS
  • 601-819-0079
  • 95ryanjones@gmail.com